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Magnetic cases and organisers for vaping

Original design for vapers

Patented system Vapocket® is a unique startup project focused on modular storage system helping you to move, organize and store your personal vaping equipment. Decision about the continuation of the project will be based on success / failure of the first model Vapocket® Basic. You, our customers have it in your hands

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Magnetic modular system

Vapocket® Basic case with a neodymium magnets is designed for two 60ml bottles. Magnets inside allow you to connect Vapocket cases together. Stick the leather case onto the fridge, coffee maker, on your favorite industrial machine or just slide it into the cup holder in your car. Vapocket® Basic case is the first stepping stone in a new modular ecosystem Vapocket® – imagine stylish stationary boxes for your Vapocket® Basic cases and of course specially designed leather bag for all your vaping equipment, neatly organized

Stylish fashion accessory made from the Italian leather

Vapocket® Basic is suitable for every vaping enthusiast using 60ml bottles. Do you want to use it for your favourite vaping mode? No worries. Slide it right in, bro 😎

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Starting model Vapocket® Basic

Don’t miss out and get your pair of new leather cases now! This is the first model in the limited edition of the modular system Vapocket®. We are putting together magnetic organisers and bags for you. Vapocket® Basic is the first gem in the forthcoming collection… and fabulous piece of saddlery too!

Personal gadget for every day use

Once you get Vapocket® to your hands, you won’t let it go. Why? Because it’s a piece of honest craftsmanship, decent fashion accessory and above all a toy you want to play with!

An addictive toy and a perfect gift

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Vapocket® Basic

Don’t miss out and get your pair of new leather cases now! This is the first model in the limited edition of the modular system Vapocket®. We are putting together magnetic organisers and bags for you. Vapocket® Basic is the first gem in the forthcoming collection… and fabulous piece of saddlery too!

Hand made originals

Every step of the Vapocket® leather case making requires hand crafting and each case has its unique serial number (look inside your case)

Every piece is original

No two cases are identical. Organically tanned leather is an organic material which maintains the authentic characteristics of the animal skin and every Vapocket® is unique. Inside the case you’ll find your specific serial number

Vapocket® Basic

The first model in the magnetic organiser series Vapocket® Original

Magnetic leather case

The skin is preserved with a leather care from J & E Sedgwick & CO Ltd. (England) in one layer. The leather care contains natural oils, fats and beeswax. The basic impregnation doesn’t stop permanent staining of the case by the liquid. In case of liquid spillage over the case, quickly clean and dry


65 × 90 × 36 mm


First grade vegetable tanned leather from Tuscany, Italy


Vapocket® Basic contains neodymium magnets


Animal skin used would be otherwise thrown away as biological waste and no animal is killed only for its skin


Vegetable tanned leather is well-tolerated by individuals with allergies and sensitivities to metals due to its total absence of heavy metals in its tanning process


The chemical and biological properties of the vegetable-tanned leather used for Vapocket® Basic case allow for the easy disposal of the product when it reaches the end of its lifecycle

Long-life use

The properties of the skin itself combined with fifteen years plus life cycle of the neodymium magnets guarantee long life use of the Vapocket® Basic case

Leather is a material that ages

Animals destined to the food industry are exclusively the source of hides used as main material component for Vapocket® Basic case. In terms of tanning process, tannins, the main active ingredients are able to chemically tie to the protein fibres of the skin and make it tight, resistant to the hydrolysis of the bacteria that cause putrefaction. Vegetable-tanned leather is by its nature responsive to the conditions of its use. Thanks to its natural capabilities to mature and adapt itself to the environmental conditions, veg-tanned leather gets darker over time, take a shape and catch your way of use. It will serve you exactly how you would treat it!

Devil is in the detail

Vapocket® Basic case may look ordinary at the first glance, however once you start using it you’ll discover ingenious and meticulously crafted leather case sawn by hand. User friendly, provoking your playful imagination, Vapocket® Basic leading technological futures of the Vapocket® universe

Vapocket Original

Made in the Czech Republic

Complete manufacturing process from start to finish including cutting, assembly, hand-sawing and packing is being carried out exclusively in the Czech Republic


Vapocket® design follows the function without unnecessary ornamentation creating unique visual morphology


Vapocket® cases are made of the finest materials and every stage of the manufacturing process is made by hand. No machines


Our saddlery artisans are responsible for every aspect of the manufacturing process in every detail

Working on

In our design studio Atelier Petr Stark we’re developing the new products following the concept of the Vapocket® modular system. For you. Our customers we value the most. Sign up to receive email updates on new products, sales, special promotions and more…

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We are Born to Vape®

The Vapocket® project is backed by the biggest Czech manufacturer of e-liquids Adam’s Vape

Adam‘s Vape

Distribution & Sales

Atelier Petr Stark

Design & Production


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Vapocket® Original

Our magnetic leather cases can accommodate two 60ml bottles of liquid. Connect our magnetic leather cases together for easy manipulation or stick them to the ferromagnetic surfaces.

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The exclusive distributor of Vapocket® products is Adam’s Vape s.r.o.

Atelier Petr Stark s.r.o.
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Vapocket® products are designed and manufactured by Atelier Petr Stark s.r.o.

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